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Mr. Shilale Goes to Washington

Architect Lobbies for AIA’s “Win-Win” Agenda for Affordable Housing  February 15, 2005

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New City   -  Michael Shilale, founder and managing partner of Michael Shilale Architects, LLP  recently embarked on a lobbying tour of our nation’s capital, to present his support for one of AIA’s (American Institute of Architects) most serious national initiatives – affordable housing. Shilale, who was recently voted in as the new Vice President/President -Elect of the Westchester Mid-Hudson chapter of AIA, was part of a contingent of hundreds of architects from all across the country, who descended on Washington D.C. February 8-12 to pitch their representatives on the importance of this issue. The architects collectively seek to get the Portman-Jefferson bill passed, which covers three important objectives – affordable housing, historic preservation and community revitalization.

  “We care very strongly about the importance of this bill, even though many of us in our profession may not directly benefit from it’s passage,“ said Shilale from his company’s headquarters in New City, explaining that AIA members look to support issues that make a  significance difference in the quality of life in the community, or that are ripe for some government attention. According to Mr. Shilale, a recent bi-partisan survey showed that 28% of the public felt that affordable housing should be in the top 10 list of governments priorities; with 64% of the respondents giving affordable housing a seven or higher rating on a scale of one to ten.

 Shilale, along with his chapter’s President, Adolph M. Orlando AIA, and Executive Director, Valerie Brown, also took part in a grassroots meeting with other presidents, vice-presidents and executive directors from various chapters across the nation, to share ideas about attracting new members and enhancing practice.

 Shilale, who also serves as president of RHAC (Rockland Housing Action Coalition), is the first Rocklander to hold the position of President-Elect since the chapter’s inception in October,1936. In his new position, he will serve on various committees and oversee a range of objectives, including engaging new members, continuing education programs, trade show involvement, and industry-related tours. “These chapter offerings will benefit new members, as well as the 500+ current member architects, who hail from seven counties in the Hudson Valley,” said Mr. Shilale.

 Michael Shilale Architects, LLP, an eight person architectural engineering firm founded in 1991, serves a municipal, commercial, residential and educational client base, covering Manhattan, and Monticello, Sullivan, Orange, Rockland and Nassau counties, in New York, as well as Bergen County, New Jersey. For more information, please call 845-708-9200, or visit their website at