Are Buildings Part of the Problem?

 1 minute

Empire State Building  EPC

1 minute

3 Watts Forward  1 Watt Back

1 minute

Rainwater Harvesting

1 minute


Integrative Design

1.5 minutes

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

2 minutes

A 13 Terrawatt Light Bulb

1.5 minutes

Are We Running out of Water?

1.5 minutes

Entire Show Part 1 - 10 min.

Entire Show Part 2 - 10 min.
Entire Show Part 3 - 10 min. Intro and Credits


Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED appeared recently on

Alive with Clive


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New City  NY -  Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED  recently appeared on local talk show "Alive with Clive - Turning your passion into profits"

Michael was asked to appear again on this popular cable talk show to discuss his firm's recent sustainable projects.  Clive was impressed with Michael's energy saving strategies and asks what architects can do to limit our reliance on foreign oil.    Michael describes how building consume 75% of the electricity in the US and are responsible for almost half of the carbon dioxide emitted each year. 

Watch short clips of Michael and Clive discussing solar panels, energy efficient windows and lighting, rainwater harvesting, and integrative design.  Michael believes if buildings are the primary culprits of our global challenges, they must be part of the solution.

Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA), an eight person architectural engineering firm founded in 1991, is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through their design work. We help our clients solve their building problems, protect their assets and investments, build under budget, and realize their vision. MSA serves an educational, commercial, municipal, and residential client base, throughout New York and New Jersey.  For more information visit or call 845-708-9200

Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED appears on popular cable TV show Alive with Clive
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