West Street Child Care Center





Child Care Center Plans to Double in Size


by Courtney Iseman

April 9, 2010

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New City  NY -  Michael Shilale Architects, LLP (MSA) is proud to have begun the design process for the West Street Child Care Center in Spring Valley, NY. MSA will assert its experience and expertise in education and child care design to expanding and renovating this important center.  Diane Rivera, the Executive Director of the center, states, "West Street Child Care Learning Center Inc. is very excited about our new expansion and renovation.  We love the design and the work that has been done by MSA.  We can happily envision the children learning and growing in this beautiful new space."

The main goal of the renovation and expansion is to increase the center’s capacity to at least 250 children, which would be double the center’s current capacity. There are also plans to add larger classrooms and create an interior multi-purpose room that can serve as a gross motor space, an enlarged kitchen and storage room, a single entry point that would provide access from both the east and west streets and elevator access to all levels of the building.

Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED has attended the Institute for Child Care Design at Harvard University, where he studied child care facilities throughout the world as well as methods for creating spaces ideal for child growth and learning. This expertise prepared MSA for its child care center projects, most recently including the West Street center.

The increased space and additional classrooms will allow more of the community’s children to learn and be cared for in a bright, stimulating, safe environment. MSA’s design scheme will also provide the center with a more convenient and accessible layout: the existing building was constructed in two stages with each floor having two separate levels. The new design will provide for a carefully placed elevator with opposite side doors to promote access to all levels. For further convenience, there will be the entrance that is accessible from the east street and the west street that the center is on.

MSA is pleased to be working with the dedicated staff at West Street, and all look forward to the beneficial results of the expansion and renovation

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