North Rockland Central School District
Energy Savings Performance Contract





A 7.35 million dollar capital improvement project at no cost the to the district or their taxpayers


by Courtney Iseman

April 16, 2010

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New City  NY -  Michael Shilale Architects, LLP is excited to embark on an Energy Savings Performance Contract with North Rockland Central School District. The district approached MSA for help with critical capital improvements in the midst of this difficult economic time, and MSA found an effective way to get those improvements into motion without the district spending taxpayers’ money: the Energy Savings Performance Contract.

The contract has helped the district identify over $400,000 of annual energy savings that will fund the necessary capital improvements. MSA performed detailed analyses of the district’s buildings to determine where energy and money was being wasted. By making improvements to these systems, the buildings would become exponentially more energy efficient, and would save the district money every month. These improvements included a new roof on the High School, important boiler replacements at two other schools and other system upgrades throughout the district’s buildings, all at no net cost to the district. These improvements will have a lasting beneficial impact on the district for years to come.

MSA asserted an expertise in energy efficiency to this contract. With Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED and John Cirilli, AIA, LEED as LEED accredited principals, MSA has built up substantial experience surveying buildings and properties, analyzing the current energy systems, setting forth a plan for improvement and putting that plan into action with roof replacements, boiler replacements, window replacements and photovoltaic panels, among others. MSA has helped several clients and school districts enter into Energy Savings Performance Contracts to implement improvements without costing the district or the district’s taxpayers. Improvements being made at the schools of North Rockland Central School District are already starting to prove beneficial, and both Michael Shilale Architects,  and North Rockland Central School District are looking forward to further improvements and their beneficial results for the schools and their students.

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