Presidents Viewpoint - President's Week

Originally published in the 2006 newsletter of the American Institute of Architects, Westchester Mid-Hudson Chapter.

by Michael Shilale, AIA, LEED - February, 2006


President’s week is upon us and we are off to Washington DC and the AIA’s national Leadership and Legislative conference.  Images of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial instill a sense of pride and dignity in our system of government and those two great leaders.  Less familiar leaders are Orlando, Varanouskas, D’Amore, Noskin, Mclean, Tancredi, Davidson and Sullivan.   These are former board members of your chapter whose service and leadership helped them advanced to become the recent presidents of the board of directors.    Some of these leaders have continued to serve AIA at the state level.  John Sullivan, FAIA, (pp 1992) went on to become president of AIANYS and has now volunteered to be AIANYS’s champion for the AIA150 program.   Dennis Noskin, AIA is our Westchester/Mid Hudson AIA150 champion, and Russ Davidson, AIA will be president of our statewide chapter while we celebrate our sesquicentennial in 2007.  Your chapter works because of the pride, dignity, time and commitment of these leaders.  Next time you see them- Thank them.

You may have read my article last fall facetiously titled, “Architect Saves the Planet”.  AIA 150 intends to give us all the tools to literally Save our Communities.  The celebration of 150 years of AIA helping clients and communities build a better world will include a series of programs and events to improve the role of architects in our communities to the benefit of all.

Grassroots is the name of our national lobbying effort.  One of the top issues for our national agenda this year is the Small Business/Association Health Insurance bill.  The AIA supports legislation to provide access and choice for members of trade and professional associations to purchase health care insurance for their employees. Such plans (association health plans or AHPs) would allow AIA members to purchase health insurance at advantageous group rates and with an exclusion from certain state mandates on the coverages that must be offered. The House of Representatives passed H.R. 525 in 2005. Its counterpart, S. 406, is pending in the Senate.  Call or email your Senators and Representatives and ask them to co sponsor the bill if they haven’t already done so.

Upcoming chapter events include an ADA update, a green design presentation for residential projects and our always popular Design and Technology Exposition.   If you have any vendors or consultants you think should be there direct them to our website or contact our chapter office.

Hope to see you soon at our next exciting event.